Q&A: What are the dates for the libra-scorpio cusp?

5375139800 d4fea7937e Q&A: What are the dates for the libra scorpio cusp?

What are the dates for the libra-scorpio cusp?

I was curious as to what the actual cusp are because different websites have different ones.

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Answer by Been There
The actual cusp varies from year to year. The calendar is artificial, because our year is actually 364 and 1/4 days long (hence, Leap Year every 4th year). In other words, Earth’s orbit around the Sun does not exactly fit into our calendar.

Furthermore, a planet (or the Sun or the Moon), is NEVER “on the cusp” … it is either in one sign or the next. And if the planet/Light changes signs on that day, it is still in one sign or the other … which one it is in depends on whether you were born before or after it moved from one sign to the next.

The only reason there is this “myth” about “on the cusp” is that Sun-sign astrologers lose their readers if they can’t find some way to include people who were born on a day when the Sun changed signs … it’s just a false mechanism to keep your interest.

REAL astrologers only work with actual charts done up for day/mo/yr, hour/min, and longitude/latitude of birth. They use all the planets, signs, houses, and aspects, and would never try to squeeze all that a person is into one little Sun-sign.

Answer by Kelvin
i am no astrologer to suggest the date. but, i guess, there is no particular date as such, since the date varies year wise. i know of a cusp astrology tool that gives astrology reading for the cusp natives. it will tell you if you are a cusp native or not. why don’t you try that software? well, let me find the link for you.


6052351187 2764761875 Q&A: What are the dates for the libra scorpio cusp?

What are the dates that define libra sun scorpio moon?

Answer by Andrew
Hmmm, that sounds like an ASTROLOGY question.
Maybe you should try asking in another forum, as this is ASTRONOMY forum.

Haha, astrology….

Answer by SpartanCanuck
The Sun is in Libra from approximately Oct 31 to Nov 22. The Moon sweeps through Scorpio every 28 days, spending a variable amount of time within it depending upon the Earth’s point of its orbit.

These are the astronomical answers. Astrology uses exceedingly crude approximations, because… well… it isn’t a science, and isn’t much concerned with what is actually going on in the solar system so much as generating vaguely believable mumbo jumbo.

Answer by GLH
Anything you like: astrology is total bullshit believed only by gullible morons.

7509949680 63eed87754 Q&A: What are the dates for the libra scorpio cusp?

Can a Libra man and virgo female who are born on this dates get along?

Will a libra man who is born form oct1 to the 16 have a good relationship with a virgo female who is born on Aug 25 Do they both go good together

Answer by Mememe
You will meet secretly, make clandestine agreements and generally find that romance can be delicious. But, Libra, a third party could enter the picture and the specter of the Green-Eyed Monster is ever-present. This is not to say the relationship cannot succeed. The Mercury of Virgo combines well with your Venus; there are fun and games, but that part of your chart associated with secrets, confinement, or doubts is stressed by your association with Virgo. Your sense of fair play could be offended by Virgo, but you simply cannot kelp being intrigued. Virgo lets you in on secrets you feel you should not hear; Virgo confides information, which you might find embarrassing. But, with Virgo, you also are introduced to worthwhile organizations, including charitable causes, which appeal to your sense of justice.

Virgo gains in a financial way from this association. You gain in a romantic manner. Together, there could be mutual gain, but there is an aura of secrecy. Virgo does tend to “hide” things from you. To insure success, insist on the facts, not promises. Insist on solid commitments, not vague implications. Virgo is restless; you are idealistic.

Together, there could be an intuitive feeling of how things might be. But how they actually are may be something entirely different. Libra with Virgo can be successful, but there are also undercurrents of discontent as Virgo experiments, laughs, criticizes and flatters while Libra attempts to balance, beautify and justify. This can be most unusual; don’t get involved with Virgo if you’re not playing your best game, because this one is likely to be for keeps. The stakes are high, and, if caution is thrown to the winds, scandal could erupt.

Listen, Libra; you are going to gain some insight and you may suffer some embarrassment here. But you will, most certainly, learn where you stand on the ladder of experience. And this could compensate for whatever negative actions result. Libra and Virgo – it could last. But in the long run that must be left to the individual Libra and the Virgo concerned.

Answer by ubermantj
yeah. i’m a libra and my best friend for 6 years now is a virgo. he’s like a brother to me and we hang out almost every day. only thing that gets to me is how critical he is. but i remind myself that it’s not to be a jerk, but it’s his secret way of showing that he cares. i’m sure it would be a good relationship regardless of gender.


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2 Responses to Q&A: What are the dates for the libra-scorpio cusp?

  1. Coleen July 8, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    In case this wasn’t an astrology question, in which case I had no trouble looking it up online and got lotsa hits, the supermoon saturday is in scorpio. The sun will be in libra from Halloween to Nov. 22. However, during that time the moon will not be in scorpio. If you are wondering about your birth year I dunno.

  2. Lynn V July 8, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

    The date for Libra Sun are from September 23 – Oct. 21 and the Scorpio Moon will be on November 12th.

    Libra Libran The Scales Air Cardinal Positive Venus September 23 – October 22
    Scorpio Scorpio The Scorpion Water Fixed Negative Pluto October 23 – November 21

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