What is your new zodiac sign? Did you know that around 86% of us were actually born under a different constellation to our star sign? Over 3000 years ago, the dates of the astrological signs were fixed when the zodiac was first devised. However, as an astronomical phenomenon, the constellations have drifted since then. So which stars were you really born under?

New Astrological Signs

Not over yet; to make thing much complicated, the modern astronomers also pointed out the existence of the 13th sign in the zodiac. According to NASA, the astronomical zodiac contains 13 constellations including the 12 that we are so familiar with plus another one, call Ophiuchus. The space agency believes that the Sun, before reaching Sagittarius, also travels to Ophiuchus – Serpent Bearer – and stays there for 19 days each year. Though this sign was discovered for very long, it was unlucky left out of the original zodiac by the ancient Babylonians.

If you were born between November 30th and December 18th, why not claim yourself a total new sun sign? Take a look below – here are the list of new astrological signs and their corresponding dates:

Aries:             April 19 to May 13
Taurus:          May 14 to June 21
Gemini:          June 22 to July 20
Cancer:         July 21 to August 10
Leo:                August 11 to September 16
Virgo:             September 17 to October 30
Libra:             October 31 to November 23
Scorpio:        November 24 to November 29
Ophiuchus: November 30 to December 17
Sagittarius:   December 18 to January 20
Capricorn:    January 21 to February 16
Aquarius:      February 17 to March 11
Pisces:          March 12 to April 18

The information mentioned recently in NASA’s Tumblr blogspot is a misrepresentation and over-hype of a system known as Sidereal Astrology, which has been in place for several centuries. The shift in the stars causing the planetary precession has been known of since the 2nd century BC and was knowingly not accounted for in the more popular system of Tropical Astrology we have gone by since the ancient time. Neither system is more or less correct; basically, they are simply two different systems with two different emphases.

Recreating Your Very Own Zodiac

Interestingly, if you are given an opportunity to recreate the whole zodiac, which signs, names, dates, qualities, and characteristics would you use? Which elements would you utilize? What are your Sun and Moon signs? Well, the new astrology chart would start in January, and would go month by month, that way it would be a lot much simpler:

  • Juno (Jan 1st – 31st) with Wind element – A strong leader with an adventurous and charismatic personality, but also can be stubborn, short-tempered, and too idealistic.
  • Belliros (Feb 1st – 28th) with Lightning element – A creative, rebellious, and independent person who is prone to take dangerous risks, but also illogical and crazy.
  • Morphibius (March 1st – 31st) with Shadow element – An individual who is mercurial, versatile, multi-faceted, and open to change, but sometimes moody, inconsistent, and insecure.
  • Noma (April 1st – 30th) with Wood element – A lawful, structured, hard-working, judgmental, unforgiving, and intimidating person.
  • Philos (May 1st – 31st) with Wind element – Anyone born under this sign is loving, caring, passionate, but also superficial, easily enchanted, and over indulgent.
  • Terrania (June 1st – 30th) with Wood element – You are down to earth, naive, and dogmatic loner who has a scientific mind and loves nature.
  • Umbraticus (July 1st – 31st) with Shadow element – mysterious and enigmatic, this person is protective, secretive, prone to lying, and unstable; also, he often hides his true face and dislikes attention.
  • Vitus (August 1st – 31st) with Lightning element – An inborn friendly, engaging, motivating, energetic, but also irresponsible, overly hyper, and childish individual.
  • Curata (September 1st – 30th) with Wood element – This person is considered to be healing, nurturing, protective, but also easily hurt, gullible, and overly caring of impersonal concerns.
  • Ridium (October 1st – 31st) with Lightning element – Very communicative, witty, and intelligent, but you are also critical, derisive, and blunt.
  • Pancarno (November 1st – 30th) with Wind element – A well-rounded, talented, quick minded, and curious type, but sometimes can be arrogant and attention craving.
  • Dynia (December 1st – 31st) with Shadow element – Complex, philosophical, and wise, but also power-hungry, easily depressed, and cynical, you always fall into deep feeling and thinking state.

If you do not like to use the brand-new names for your zodiac, you still can use the same names and similar dates. The characteristics and qualities are all basic human traits, but wouldn’t it be cool if you switch the personalities of the opposite signs for a while? Like making a Scorpio like a Sagittarius, making an Aquarius emotional like a Cancer, and making a Virgo not be a perfectionist. Or, you can switch the Air and Water signs, and Fire and Earth signs as well.

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