Has My Zodiac Sign Changed? What is My Absolute REAL Horoscope?

After NASA released a post saying the tilting of Earth's axis has caused the traditional sun signs to shift slightly on its blog, the internet quickly became chaotic. Individual who are into horoscopes start wondering, "Has my zodiac sign changed?" Well, for the first time in 3000 years, NASA recalculated the zodiac and updated the astrological sign dates entirely. To further complicate things, this space agency also announced the 13th sun sign that we didn't even know its existence. Read more [...]

What are the characteristics of a Libra Metal Sheep (hybrid horoscopes) who’s born 1991?

What are the characteristics of a Libra Metal Sheep (hybrid horoscopes) who's born 1991? same as above -I'm just curious because I have heard that that combination is the most attractive -thanks for answering to whomever is answering Answer by honeyThe Libran Sheep loves and need attention and sympathy. Approval and friendship are of the most importance to her. She may look fragile, but there is a certain restiveness and built-in resilience about this person. An authority on art forms Read more [...]

Libra horoscope?

What is the Libra horoscope for today? Nowadays, with just a click, you can get bunches of horoscopes for your zodiac sign; however, none of them seem a 100 percent accurate or make sense. For those who are searching for a trustworthy, reliable Libra daily horoscope, keep track of the following ideas. Today, the horoscope for Libra is "seeking out the simple pleasures today", since there's not much else you need right now to make you happy. You already have everything you need; Read more [...]

Libra compatibility? Love horoscope!!!!?

Is Libra compatible well with Libra…in a romantic relationship? Astrologically, two people sharing the same zodiac sign are likely to have a strong connection bond with each other. Is this theory true to two Libras? More than any same-sign relationship, the combination of Libra man and Libra woman forms an interesting match which highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of Libra sun sign. In this article, we are going to discuss Libra compatibility to find out if a Libra individual Read more [...]

Are any Libra Women Dating or Married to Aries Men in 2016?

Are there any Libra women dating to Aries men in this year? How compatible are Libra and Aries? Will this pairing have potential to last long? Though these are two opposite signs – they are in many ways opposites of each other – each does have something the other lacks. For the Libra and Aries union, they could each be exactly what the other is seeking. Talking about love compatibility, Aries man and Libra woman will fall in love at first sight. Both will absorb a wave of Read more [...]

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